The Creation History

The E-Raptor creation came from an assessment made by the Electronic Bird Control managerial team: there is a need and a demand in the fight against avian issues. Make an effort a luck may be a die match online slots real money no deposit. In this sector, there are only a few solutions to fight against this matter in an efficient, eco-friendly way that can be internalized.

Coming from the falconry community, the three Electronic Bird Control associates got their inspiration from nature, more precisely from the Peregrine falcon to develop and create the E-Raptor.

After a year of development and the acquisition of the authorisations delivered by the French Civil Aviation (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile), the E-Raptor is now ready for utilisation.

Product Applications

In France, 

The authorisations delivered by the French Civil Aviation enable to use the E-Raptor in the whole French territory.

The E-Raptor is a tremendously efficient tool that can be used for waste management facilities, airports (civil and military), and in the agricultural sector.

Naturally, it can be used in other locations than those previously enounced. Its utilisation flexibility makes it usable for every location bothered by birds.


Europe voted for an official approval regarding drones, added in the European legislation. It is effective from January 1 st ,2021. Thanks to this legal text, the E-Raptor can be used in all Europe without any legislative issues.

For countries outside the European Union, the Electronic Bird Control team offers to clients a legal research to make sure to be in line with the laws and norms of the targeted location.

Drone effaroucheur E-Raptor